Umm Yahya

     I am Umm Yahya, the founder of Nourish. I am recovering from emotional trauma,  physical impairment, and managing a hereditary auto-immune disease with nutrition, exercise, and wellness practices.   My preference is for a more wholistc approach to healthcare, taking into consideration nutrition, physical fitness, and emotional wellness.  Allopathic medicine prefers to compartmentalize and wants to eliminate issues without exploring root causes.   Due to the lack of focus on nutrition and its effects on health,  the lack of acknowledgment of how detrimental stress including trauma is to health and personal well-being, allopathy was/is unable to help me.  Experiencing this gap in healthcare I decided to pursue a degree in Nutrition and Health with a minor in Financial Counseling ( because finances is often a major stress point for many people having a negative effect on their well-being and health ).


     Activities I currently enjoy include hiking, nature study, writing, long walks, and learning about homesteading.  Hiking is great physical exercise while contemplating the ayaat of Allaah.  I am no artist but my journal is full of nature drawings made over the years.  I love sitting alone or with family quietly drawing in our nature notebooks and then sharing our drawings and observations with one another.  My long walks give me time to be alone with my thoughts (some may label me an introvert).  My family and I have plans to one day own a homestead and until that time I enjoy dreaming about it, reading about homesteading, and trying to learn homesteading skills.  


     If you have a similar experience or would like to explore these topics (and other wholistic living topics) join the conversation by subscribing below.  Or contact me here and tell me your story :)    

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