Why "Nourish"?

Nourish is such an encompassing word; it is more than to feed or give water, it is to cultivate, raise, and refine. Considering all things down to the most minute detail. Such as a shepherd nourishing his flock, he provides for both their individual needs as well as their needs as a group to insure their optimal health and conditions.

Words that come from the same Latin root as nourish include; nurse, nurture, and nutrition. All related words so to nourish something or someone is to nurture them and to nurture them is to provide for their nutrition (such as a mom when she nurses her baby).

We can look at its opposites to begin to understand the weight of this word. Among them are malnourished and under-nourished. Both of which bring forth images of neglect and starvation. Though the effects of being malnourished are often very evident in the case of children, an adult can be malnourished or undernourished as well.

"Nourish" was chosen because the word most completely reflects the purpose of the services I offer. This business is an extension of my mission to help all of us nurture our families' nutritional needs. Subscribe to my blog where I share information freely or contact me, let's connect :)

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